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About Us

The club began after the launch of Valerie Hobson’s book Across the Board in August 2002.

About 300 hundred people attended the launch and many had not caught up with each other for 40 or 50 years. A get together was arranged a few months later when it was decided to form a group and start a shearing museum. Our own Hall of Fame in Carnarvon was established in 2004 and is called the Gascoyne Pastoral and Shearing Museum.

Today the group is called the Shearers and Pastoral Workers Social Club Inc, with two reunions each year—one at the Bayswater Hotel on the first Sunday in May and the main reunions on the first Sunday in November at the Ravenswood Hotel, Ravenswood. Both are well attended and each year there are newcomers. They swap stories again and generally keep the culture alive. Lately, younger shearers, some barely 70 and others still working, attend the reunions. More importantly, a lot of women also attend. In 2019 Val Hobson was honoured with Life Membership for service, over many years, to the Association.

Coming Events

Fragments of time

“The objects of the Association are to maintain an active Social Club and to record the History of the Shearing Industry and those that participated.”