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Shearers & Pastoral Workers

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Through our annual meetings and informal gatherings, since the formation of the group, our members have become acutely aware of the ageing profile of our membership, so much so that we are endeavouring to record the historical significance of the shearing industry, both prior to the 1900s and since in Western Australia. The aim is to share, but more so leave, a historical record of all those individuals that participated in the industry as their primary and sometimes sole source of employment.

Throughout the years of working in the remote and rugged pastoral regions of WA, the men, and later the women, built up a great camaraderie which still exists today and is so obvious at our gatherings.

To a large extent, the shearing or wool industry no longer exists in the northern, central and eastern pastoral rangelands and has been pretty much superseded by the cattle and mining industries.


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Truck Days Video

In our efforts to record the history of the shearing industry, we have initially produced a 32 minute DVD with photos and 8mm film provided by our members. This also includes interviews with six of our group members; the oldest being 92 years of age. This great video, produced by Ron Reddingius of “REDDINGIUS MEDIA”, his producer Adrian Faure and superbly narrated by Dan Paris, can be purchased on this website.

The DVD has been very well received nationally and to further promote the DVD Australia wide and beyond, we expect this website to create additional interest to a wider audience.

As it is our intention to further record the history of our industry, we are currently working on another project which we intend to complete in the foreseeable future, so please check us out regularly.

We are also very welcoming to new members joining our association. So if you’ve been in the industry, please join up. You’ll find how to do this in CONTACTS.

We further hope you enjoy the information, photographs and more within this website. We know you will also enjoy viewing the DVD once you have purchased it.

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“The objects of the Association are to maintain an active Social Club and to record the History of the Shearing Industry and those that participated.”